Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mods & Farkles

So, I have had the ST1300 for a month now and put about 500 miles on it....more or less. I just did an 8 hours day ride 2 days ago, which confirmed for me two immediate things: I miss a wider windscreen, and extended riding without a backrest makes my bdoy tire out faster than having a supported lumbar region.

So, I ordered a backrest from Utopia - which I had on my old Goldwing and had no complaints. I also did some research and ordered a wider, higher WS. Many choices out there, and I do have a good history with Cee Bailey products, but this time, I went with Cal Sci for my WS. Their website is just so thorough and I have read some good reviews from ST forums and other touring forums/blogs.

This riding season I pretty much dedicated to outfitting the new tourer to suit my riding and long distance needs. I still need to find a system to rig up my GPS and I need to find a trailer, top box or cargo shelf for my gear when touring.

Right now, I am leaning towards a cargo trailer - but cost will rule the day.