Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Latest Acquisition - Goldwing

So, I got back from my trip around Lake Michigan, and was telling my wife how lovely it was; the small, quaint lakeside towns and winding roads, and she told me how she wants to go on 'those trips.'

I was equal parts thrilled and furious. She specifically told me her long-ride days were over - which is why I got my Honda ST1300. Although capable of two-up touring, that bike was for me and for solo riding. But I was excited to have my favorite riding partner back. The happiest time in my married life - aside from kid stuff - was when we use to take long trips on the 97 Goldwing. It was us against the elements and world and life was good.

Well, with that dynamic now here again, I wasted no time and found a 2005 GL1800 Goldwing. As usual it seems, I save a couple of grand if I buy used and from Tenessee or just South of Illinois for some reason. Sure enough, on, I found the requisite GW outside of Little Rock, Arkansas and made the deal. Oh, and I sold my ST1300 in one day on Craigslist - for what I paid for it.

The bike: 2005 GL1800, 12k miles, dark charcoal, runs perfect and no cosmetic issues. In addition, it has some feature and farkles I would have wanted to add anyhow: hwy pegs, lower chrome accents, vented windscreen, luggage rack, CB, center stand assist, drink holders, beefed up horn and trailer hitch.
The only things I want to add was a Utopia backrest (done) and get a comm system for driver-to-passenger and bike-to-bike talking. Other than that, I am set. I paid $13k even....which I think is a not a steal, but a good deal, and certainly worth $300 to go and get it.

I recently hooked up with a groups of riders who go out every Sunday morning for rides. Many GW's and they seem like a great bunch of people who enjoy safe riding.

As far as touring goes, here's the dealio: My wife still doesn't want to do week long trips, but 3 or 4 days trips are good. So, perhaps one weekend jaunt in the Spring, one in the Fall to see the trees change in Michigan or Wisconsin, and we both are happy.
I still will do my Summer, solo long trip. So now, I have the best of both worlds - and imho, the best touring bike imaginable to ride.