Galena Weekend 2013

Once or twice a year, my wife go away on a bike weekend.  We picked Galena, IL this time - as we haven't been there since Ro was pregnant with our daughter 25 years ago.

Getting ready to go. Going to take a round about route staying off the super slabs.  Basically, make our way via rural routes to Savannah, Il and work our way north along the Mississippi River to Galena.

My wife, navigator and keeping of the IPod.

Ready to roll.  We can talk without shouting over our shoulders by using the microphone.  They plug into the Goldwings comm plug.  The IPod is also in the left fairing pocket and we listen ro music, but mostly the podcast of Eric & Cathy, Q101 radio show.  Funny stuff.

It took us 3 hours and 200 miles to get to Dubuque, Iowa...which is right across the Mississippi from Galena, IL and cheaper.  There are a few motorcycle roads not to miss.  One of them is 'Blackjack Road on the north end o Hanover.  A very twisty road with elevations that leads you right to the entrance of downtown Galena.  

Since we left on Friday afternoon, we blew through Galena, stayed on Rt. 20, crossed the river, and found our hotel, had a nice dinner and rested for our big walking day Saturday morning in Galena.  

While the wife finishes getting ready upstairs, I de-bug the bike and get it ready.

The entrance to downtown Galena is guarded by two huge flood-doors.

We parked the Wing on Main Street, and as usual, get some looks from pedestrians and have a conversation with a nice older gent who was interested in the bike.  He was kind enough to take our picture.

Now we are ready to start trekking throughout Galena.  

Somehow, we always end up at a shoe store.......

Good food and shopping abound.

If you want burning calves, you may want to walk up the famous Galena stairs leading to their elementary school.  

After a few hours in Galena, we went back across the river to Dubuque and checked it out a bit.

The trolley elevator is a pretty quirky thing to explore.

In the late 1800's, a banker built this because it took so long on horseback to get home up the hill for lunch.  

Leaving for home - and by far the best roads in Illinois I have found to date - are what I call the Galena Trilogy: Stagecoach Dr, to Elizabeth Scales Mound to Derinda Dr.  Even if your not heading home south, these roads are worth exploring.  Fast, long sweepers with elevations and great views of rolling pasture land.

Taking a stretch break on the way home.  453 miles total.  Great weather and great riding!!

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