Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Summer Trip Planning

My annual solo trip is starting to take shape. There have been a couple of decisions that I have been reticent to make; mainly, whether to go North or South from Brooklyn.

I finally decided to go south. I always wanted to see and ride the bridges to Key West, plus, I will be leaving at the beginning of June and, although it will be hot, it shouldn't be the same sweltering hot as...say in August. Florida in August may be a bit much for this mid-west boy. So....Key West it is.

So, from the home-base of Chgo, I will head straight along I-80 all the way to Brooklyn, NY to see my daughter. After a visit, the adventure begins as I make my way south along the coast and inland a bit.

I hope to see some extended family in and around Orlando, and an old friend North of there. Different from last years trip, I plan to really explore some areas instead of just making time. I want to experience new things, meet new people and write about them here on the blog.

The major waypoints are Brooklyn, Orlando, Miami/Southbeach, Key West, Tampa and Panama City. From there, I will probably head North, through Alabama and see a friend for lunch in Marietta, GA on my way to Deals Gap to ride the Tail of the Dragon. From there I will try to find an interesting way to find my way home.

So there it is. That's the plan.

My Winter plan now is finishing my PC800 project (you can see this by clicking the 'page' tab on the right side of the home page) and planning for the trip. The GW is mechanically ready but I need to figure our some packing and GPS set-up stuff.

Come on Spring.....