Thursday, March 17, 2016

Goldwing Maintenence.....overdue!

Prior the riding season - and while weather decent - I decided to go whole hog on my 2005 GL1800.

The one design flaw on the GW (otherwise, brilliant piece of engineering) is access to the air filter.  I haven't changed it since I bought is used - about 15k ago.  It was time.

You have to remove so much!!!  To include the saddle, side plastics, gas tank shroud, speaker covers, two glove boxes, the dash, and under the dash, layers of electronic modules.  Daunting.

The pic doesn't show how dirty it really was.  I am glad I decided to tackle it.  

Prior that, I removed the front wheels to inspect the brake pads.

Easy enough to do as there are enough to do since there were enough Youtube vids on the task.  the left pads were ready to be replace.  The right side had some life left, but you always replace in pairs.

One thing I regret not doing was to take the caliper apart to grease the slide pins.  I hope that won't cost me.  New pads and the tire is back on and all torqued up.

This weekend, the plan is to put the dash back together, drain the coolant, do the oil and final drive oil.

I do plan on taking the bike in the following week.  It has a recall on the rear brake master cylinder - and I will have them bleed the entire brake system at that time.  I also have a heated hand warmer kit I would like them to install.  Perhaps check the rear pads as well.