Sunday, February 26, 2012

Windshield Mistake

I wish I could just save the amount of money I waste! I would be far better off financially.

I ordered, received and mounted an F4 +4 windshield for reasons that are known if you go to their website and read some reviews on different forums. Great optics and easy to maintain.

That said, even being a tall guy, that WS was too tall for me. I mean, it would shield both driver and passenger well from the elements, but I don't like the idea of me not having the option of not looking through the WS. With that F4, I am looking through - at the worse - 4 separate layers of plastic: my eye glasses, the integral helmet sun visor, the helmet windshield and then the bike windshield. That's just too much.

I enjoy the windshield at eye level. I slight tilt of my noggin and I'm looking over the WS. That's ideal for me. So, what to do?

I put an ad on website for the 0 miles F4 WS and sold it for $250 plus shipping. I paid $400 for it, and based on the response, I should have asked more, but oh well.

I could have gone with a smaller F4, but they are pricey. The reality is that I haven't kept the same bike for more than 3 years - even though I have no intention of selling this one anytime soon. I never have that intention, but........

So, I went an ordered a Clearview, grey-tinted +2 WS with vent. I have had WS's from various manufacturers, and had pretty good luck with Clearview. With this WS, I retain the adjustability of the GW WS system.

Now, here's a tip: Don't order on-line if you can - even if you see your option plainly and if it is difficult to get a response when you call (getting a hold F4 and Clearview was difficult and frustrating). Here's why: When Clearview finally called me back after a day of trying to reach them, the guy really took care of me and imparted to me a lot of information about the material they use and differences between other competitors products/materials.

He also gave me 15% off for the hassle of having to wait to hear back from them. So, I paid $234 for the new WS. Not bad. It pays to speak to somebody!