Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going Around Lake MIchigan

I had to squeeze in a trip during the Summer before I started work. My buddy suggested going to Traverse City, MI, and I convinced him to just continue and go around the big Lake.

From the burbs of Chicago, we got onto I-80 just to get past Gary, IN where we didn't really have the urge to get into a gunfight, but before Michigan City, darted onto Red Arrow Hwy and hugged the coast as much as possible.

The West coast of Michigan is just beautiful. We made it to Traverse City on the first day - which was a lot of riding. Harbor Springs - just north of TC - is a very nice, quaint resort town.

*be sure to ask around and go through the Tunnel of Trees.

We crossed the Mackinac Bridge - which I always wanted to do on a bike - and it was nice and uneventful. Hwy 2 on the North end of the lake was nice as the road is right next to the beach much of the way.

I wasn't as impressed with the Wisconsin side of the lakes although there were some nice roads. We stayed outside of Oconto, WI with a layover in Lake Geneva for lunch, and made it home that day.

So, 3 days to get around Lake Michigan.