Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Close I can Taste It.

The proximity of riding season and open road touring draws closer. I am inspired further by blogs I have read which expouse the wanderlust of fellow riders. One of which is Bama Rider:

My good friend Ken has started riding and his interest seems to be escalating of late in long distance riding. Like me, he is preparing to get a bigger bike and I hope I can convince him that touring is a great, unique way of seeing this great country. I very much like solo touring, but if could choose a riding buddy to go off on expeditions with, I couldn't think of a better friend.

My last day at work is June 9th for this school season, so I am making plans already. I could head North again, and this time do a Lake Michigan loop, coming down the western edge of Michigan. That would be a cooler tempature ride in June - which is fine. I would very much like to go South though: perhaps through the Tail of the Dragon, Natchez Trail...and end up at Key West. What a ride that would be!

It also wouldn't be so bad temp wise in early June. But my plans are open at this point - and I am waiting to see if my buddy Ken has the same interst of 'the long ride.'

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