Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Weather Breaks; The Road Beckons

April 2nd, 2011 and I got up around 0630 hrs to walk the dog down the block. Winter seems to have faded. I love these kinds of morning. It's about 43 degrees, the sun just peaked over the horizon and I can see my breath, but I here the birds - still in the bushes and trees - chirping away.

Right away it takes me back to touring. It's the same feeling of getting out of my warm sleeping bag, feeling the first rays of the sun, and start to coordinate the breaking down of camp.

That feeling of seeing the bike warm up, the exhaust coming out; lashing down the last of the gear and dressing in the warming layers getting ready to hit the road for another days adventure. There is no equal to that feeling and it is not dependent on any certain location.

Slipping on my helmet and entering the solo and secret world of my own self. Merging onto the highway, getting up to speed, usually one of only a few on the road, I collect my thoughts and do some of my best thinking about life right then.

It is this time of the year....right now, when riding seems to be possible, that wanderlust sets in and the road beckons once more.

This is what sailors must feel being landlocked off-season. Like the sea, it's hard to explain the call of the open road.

I just need to be there.......

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